TYM- High School Youth

  • High school Ministry Program

    Youth Groups provide an environment for youth to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially in a Catholic, Christian environment. Come join us for fun, faith, and fellowship!

    Youth Ministry Leaders:
    Melissa Koebcke & Bradford Downs III



    Next Meeting
    Wed. 2/21 7:15pm
    QUEST Feb 23-25 FULL
    CHOSEN Season 4
    MOVIE night
    Feb 13 6:30pm Showbiz Lanes/Cinema @Baytown
    DYC Info Meeting

    *Must be an active HTCC student enrolled at Holy Trinity Youth/Religious Education Program
    Sign-up Priority: Confirmation Students
    Post Confirmation Students who are enrollled in Youth Ministry in at HTCC.  

    DYC Team: Bradford Downs, Melissa Koebcke, Irma Johnson, Dora Cortez, Bobby Garner & Melissa Dennis
    Discovery Summer Retreat
    August 5-7th
    @Christ Central

    DYC June 5-8, 2024
    Hyatt Regency-Downtown Houston
    Students enrolled in TYM/ HTCC Retreat Team Leaders and Confirmation Students. 

    *Effective Feb.1st 2022 Holy Trinity will require Completed Permission Slips for Minors attending Youth events if they are not an enrolled member of the program.  
    *Youth Member: Enrolled in HTCC Catechetical/Youth programs.
    *Youth Guest: Visitor or Parishioner Minor who is not enrolled in Catechetical Programs. All attendants must be approved.  Visitors Code of Conduct must be signed.
    -Parish Catechetical Leader, Dora Cortez